Big agency talent
without the big ego

Kelly Butler - Illustrated on Yellow Background

Hi! I’m Kelly Butler

For 15+ years, I’ve been pitching original ideas, crafting content and wordsmithing for some of the biggest agencies, consultancies, and companies in the world. Whether freelance or full-time, B2C or B2B, I just want to work with good humans on brands I can get behind.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kelly at two different companies. She’s a reliable, hardworking talent who is always pushing to get to a better idea. And she has the ability to rally a team keeping them moving to the goal line all while building and executing campaigns across channels. Her work is great.”

—Eva Nevuau, Global Chief Creative Officer, eg+ Worldwide

“As a writer, Kelly is extremely skilled, witty, creative and original. She can take the smallest gist of an idea, find the heart in it, and turn it into something spectacular.”

—Mark Fallai, VP, Customer Experience, Exact Sciences