About Me

Kelly Butler

Think Leah Remini meets Wanda Sykes meets Phoebe Waller-Bridge

I’m Kelly (She/Her), a creative director, content strategist, and copywriter living in Los Angeles. As a former stand-up comic, I’m the funniest after you’ve had your fourth drink.

I thrive on the camaraderie and creative energy found in team environments. So, whether it’s “permalance” or full-time, I want to develop lasting relationships and contribute to the bigger picture.

In my “off” hours, I’m likely enrolled in the weirdest class or event I can possibly find. Magic school anyone? How about a three-hour live graffiti showdown? I also built and run a California-based Facebook group of 6K women in the workplace and served as the quarterly cohort lead for a 10-week accountability course that guides creatives from ideation to execution of a personal project.

How I’m different

In short, I give a sh*t. My mom wanted me to take that sentence out, but it feels like an important distinction. I don’t “phone anything in.” I’m also a self-starter who believes in cross-functional communication, which is a HUGE help, especially when you’re under tight deadlines.

My Pledge

I promise to…

  • Handle every project with a sense of urgency and importance
  • Listen to your direction with an open mind
  • Have a positive, can-do attitude
  • Work hard, stay present, and use humor to lighten your load
  • Treat both superiors and team members with equal respect
  • Make a positive impact on your organization

“Kelly kicks ass. I had the pleasure of being her partner at FCB and we made some great work and had a lot of fun in the process. She is a clever writer and truly loves what she does. If this was a star rating system, I’d give her five out of five.”

—Myra Mazzei Nussbaum, CCO and President, Havas

“I consider Kelly a mentor. She’s thoughtful, driven, a natural leader and just a creative talent. I wanted to emulate her when I was a student and that hasn’t changed even when we were peers. Any company would be lucky to have her strategic, thoughtful ideas.”

—Cassidy Buzin, SVP, Creative Director, Energy BBDO